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Why Zakir Niak So Scared

His fans hail him as the next big thing to come after Muhammad. To them, if one has to understand Islam and Muhammad, it has to be through Zakir Naik. Just as Muhammad is claimed to be messenger of Allah, Zakir seems to be the new messenger of Muhammad. And anyone browsing internet can come through ample number of zealots who attempt to be the messenger of the messenger of the messenger of Allah. Its a different matter though that some Muslim clergies issued a fatwa that publicity of Islam through internet is ‘haram’!
Ever since I wrote first few articles exposing the fraud of Zakir Naik and level of his medical expertise, I have been getting hate mails and hate comments. I know that I am destined for permanent Hell for proving that the messenger of messenger of Allah aka Zakir Naik should have his hands chopped off as per Islamic shariat. (Refer my article http:/
But before the messengers of this new messenger of the messenger of Allah (I admit its sounding confusing!) decide to send me to Hell, as per Quran 2.191, 9.123, 9.5, 66.9, 47.4 etc etc, as interpreted by Zakir Naik and his beloved Osama Bin Laden, I would like to present a summary chronology of events till date:
It is not that I got a bout of epilepsy one night and an angel revealed to me that I should start questioning methods and designs of Zakir Naik. The articles written by me are milestones of a process that started much before and that would continue until I am sent to Hell as per verses mentioned above, or the foolish concept of such a Hell and Heaven and their promoters aka Osama Bin Laden, see their doomsday.
In 2004, at height of his popularity among semi-literate fanatic Muslims, he sent a mail to Sri Mahendra Pal Arya, a leading member of our team with a photo of himself holding Quran in front and Vedas in back. Sri Mahendra Pal replied back inviting him for a debate on how Quran is considered superior to Vedas by Zakir Naik.
Since then Zakir Naik has been extremely elusive. We have been trying to contact IRF through mail and phone, but they refuse to accept the invitation.
In 2006, again a detailed letter was written to Zakir Naik questioning his fraudulent negative publicity of Vedas and other Hindu texts. He ignored as usual.
On 27 March, 2007, we organized a debate between Pandit Mahendra Pal Arya and Tariq Murtaza, a professor of Aligarh Muslim University and a core member of Zakir Naik’s team. The debate was recorded on video as well. When Tariq Murtaza was forced to turn speechless, he gave lame excuses for the same. He then suggested that his teacher, Abdullah Tariq of Rampur would be able to debate better.
Now this gentleman Abdullah Tariq is another right-hand of Zakir Naik and supposed to be the expert on comparative religions. His Taqiah belief (search on google to discover yourself what is Taqiah) is that Vedas are first message of Allah and Quran the final one. So all should go by the latest edition of His message.
On 8 February, 2008, after a tiresome management of logistics, considering the busy schedule of both Mahendra Pal Arya and Abdullah Tariq (both are involved in conversion activities primarily and hence keep traveling), we could finally schedule a public debate in Bulandshahar, UP. Abdullah Tariq, very confident about his conversion and conversation skills, claimed in very beginning that he would be willing to come each day to explain about Quran if he gets such a crowd to hear. But as the debate progressed, one could see droplets of sweat on forehead of Abdullah Tariq. By the time debate was over, he had to cry foul that Mahendra Pal Arya deviated from core topic. The debate ended on a peaceful note though and Abdullah Tariq reiterated his willingness to come for discussions again and again.
That was the last we saw of Abdullah Tariq. Meanwhile we continued our efforts to contact Zakir Naik directly and invite him for a debate. But Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) would simply not respond. Sometime in mid of 2008, we uploaded videos of Pandit Mahendra Pal Arya on youtube. You can check them at The quality is bit dismal because it is difficult to get funds for such activities from Hindus who are more busy wasting time and money on lavish yajnas, constructions, festivals and costly idols. But that did create an impact. We started getting hate mails and abuses, and also voices of support. Many disciples of Zakir Naik came to intermediate and stated that we have never ever issued an invitation for debate in first place. IRF also denied having received any such invitation from any person ever.
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Meanwhile two fanatics filed a petition in Court to put a ban on Satyarth Prakash, the book by Swami Dayanand Saraswati that is severely critical of the neo-Islamic beliefs. It was a matter of surprise that our secular court admitted such a petition in first place. And while rest of the Samaj was busy holding protest rallies and holding press conferences, we filed a counter-petition in High Court challenging the authority of lower court to even take up this case. We presented a detailed petition highlighting importance of Satyarth Prakash and how the points made in this book regarding Islam are authentic and without malice. High Court had to use its special powers to bring the case to High Court for hearing. In second hearing, the Court dismissed the case warning the petitioners to not file such frivolous cases in future.
This added to our notorious fame in eyes of the Zakir cohort.
Many ignorant disciples of Zakir Naik, unaware of our previous invitations, claimed that if we ever come to face Zakir Naik, we would be crushed like anything. Others said that Zakir Naik is too big a personality to accept challenges from every Tom, Dick and Harry.
We humbly admitted to the size of our erstwhile personality and to check out how that crushing might appear, we issued another invitation in November 2008 on behalf of “Sarvadeshik Arya Pratinidhi Sabha” – the apex body of Arya Samaj. You can review a copy of the invitation letter at
There was an even greater silence from Zakir team after this. Because now, even Abdullah Tariq and Tariq Murtaza refused to come forward for another round of public discussions. They have now a standard stand - “If you want to discuss something, let us meet close doors and personally. We shall not discuss these things in public.”
Our team members spent most of 2009 debating select groups of Muslims, neo-converts and old timers. We held many face to face debates,  debates on phone with their prominent leaders and then on internet forums. This was when we realized how strong their network is. They have even priests of temples in their gang. In western UP, we became quite popular in this circle. We thus received huge number of dawats  (invitations) to embrace Islam which we countered with our dawats to come back home to Vedic Dharma.
Many did indeed accept and 2009 was a fruitful year in terms of success of our Shuddhi (purification) movement to bring our family members back home. We also continued our debates on Zakir Naik and his tactics on internet forums like orkut and facebook.
No surprise that we had turned even more notoriously popular in their circle by now.

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Then sometime in July or August of 2009, Abdullah Tariq addressed Peace TV and declared that in 5 years, they would make India an Islamic State. This was the last straw to break everything. We replied him back with a counter-challenge that in 5 years, truth-seeking Muslims would escape from their grips of falsehood like sand.
In August 2009, we sent another invitation to IRF to come up for a debate on behalf of Paropkarini Sabha – the apex intellectual body of Arya Samaj and caretaker of original Satyarth Prakash. We expected to receive no response as usual. So this time, we posted the invitation all across the web and email lists. You can view that simply by searching for “zakir naik paropkarini sabha” on google.
We also called them up and we came to know that Zakir Naik is busy in Dubai. After lot of efforts, we finally got a response from IRF asking us about what is the strength of crowd that we can pull. I have attached this letter with this article as a pdf along with my reply.
In my reply, I invited IRF experts to be present at Rishi Mela between October 23 and October 25, 2009 where thousands of people and famed personalities are expected to be present.
That was the last ever communication we could make with IRF. Meanwhile the blabbering of Zakir Naik continued and I could see his messengers simply copy-pasting his writings to sway non-Muslims. We were thus left with no recourse but to prepare rebuttals to Zakir Naik’s demagoguery so as to prevent both Muslims and non-Muslims to fall in trap and develop completely wrong notions about Islam and Hinduism.
Ever since then, Abdullah Tariq has even refused to take calls if they come from our phones. IRF is dead silent as usual. But the covert activities are going in full pace.
Its obvious that Zakir Naik does not want to debate us publicly. At best, he would allow outsiders to ask a question to which he could reply by a one-liner and have his followers clap to their heart’s content. Or he would deliberately choose debaters who he knows are not trained in his covert methods.
He refused written debate with Al Sina because written debates expose everything. He knows that his Qadiyani source of plagiarism is already exposed. And he knows that Arya Samaj has been a thorn in eyes of Muslim evangelists for last 125 years. He knows that this group is thoroughly well-versed with Quran, his ways and the blatant loopholes. He knows that to give a stage show among semi-literate blind followers scared of Hell is not same as debating with those whose history lies in Shuddhi movement.
Yes, Zakir may have access to petrodollars and funds sourcing Osama Bin Laden. Yes, another bomb blasted in Pune killing innocents. True that Osama brand of terrorism ably supported by Zakir Naik continues. But Aurangzeb was scared of Shivaji despite his massive army and Ravan was scared of Ram despite he being Lankesh. After all, truth is more powerful than the strongest weapon.

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And thus Zakir Naik is so scared!
Conversation with IRF on debate



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