Saturday, September 11, 2010

Love Jehad pamphlet

Love Jehad is the new version of terrorism being planned across entire India since last few years. The situation has reached alarming proportions in many parts of the countries. As per some sources, for the coming Durga Puja itself, around 4500 Jehadis have been trained for Bengal itself. The goal of Love Jehadis is very clear now: lure non-Muslim women by hook or crook and make them pregnant. Once pregnant, a variety of tactics can be deployed:
a. The girl can be converted to breed Jehadis of future
b. Her family can be forced to convert to Islam to save from ignominy
c. The girl can be relocated to Middle East and other militant Islamic countries and she can serve as a sex-slave
d. In worst case, she can be tortured or killed if she protests.
In each of the cases, Jehadis and their Ulemas sanction them full blessings of Allah and an assurance to Paradise of 72 virgins for these acts, as per their interpretations of the new Quran.
Agniveer team has been a prime witness to several cases of Love Jehad and has worked to save several of our sisters. However individual efforts stand nowhere compared to billions of terrorist dollars being poured to promote Love Jehad. And in a shamelessly ‘sickular’ country where homosexual rapists and killing-machines like Babur are adored, there is little to expect from government and the legal machinery.
An anonymous person has created a marvelous brochure on Love Jehad based on Agniveer articles and has send us the copy of the same. We sincerely request you to review the same and do the following, if indeed you want to do something for nation and our sisters:
a. Review and Edit the document as per local requirements. (Both final and editable versions are included)
b. Translate it into local languages
c. Take print-outs in thousands and distribute among all schools, colleges, universities in your area and every girl in age 15-30 that you know.
d. Arrange with newspaper vendors and have these print-outs included with morning newspapers.
e. Email and mass-circulate the brochure through both online and offline channels.
d. Enlarge and have posters developed and pasted on walls around schools and colleges.
e. Arrange groups to manage and ensure that every girl in India has read the pamphlet once.
f. In any festival or gathering, ensure that thousands of these brochures are circulated.
The pamphlet is single-sheeted A4 that can be folded into a brochure. Both color and black & white prints would work fine for distribution.
Each contribution of yours in this regard would serve to counter the greatest threat facing our nation today.
You can view and download the pamphlet from:
PDF Version:
Editable Doc Version:
b. Agniveer Site
PDF Version:
A preview is embedded below. However the image may not be clear on all browsers. Kindly download from links above and view on PDF Viewer like Adobe Reader to see it clearly.
This pamphlet is a humble offering of Agniveer to all its sisters on occasion of Raksha Bandhan. We urge you all to join hands and fulfill your duty towards sisters, motherland and humanity.
Vande Mataram!


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